Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Seen in the Neighborhood

I hope I don't jinx it by noting that the weather was cooler this morning. No rain, just cooler. It might have been down to 75 this morning.

It was nice to see some clouds but they didn't impact the long shadows for my daily walk around the neighborhood.

The Mexican Red Bird of Paradise are out in all their glory. Some places the bushes are getting big enough to squeeze the sidewalk.

The Bouganvilla looks good as well. It's a great time of year with all the color.

At the house, BJ has been caught up in packing for her river trip even though she doesn't leave until I get back. It's always nice to look forward to river trips.

On a different note, my Canon SX260 that went on the Alaska trip with us is officially dead, one week after the end of the warranty. Actually, it still takes good pictures - you just can't see enough in the LCD to tell if you have the picture framed right. I'm back to my used-to-be waterproof Olympus Stylus850. It doesn't focus as well and only has a 3x zoom but it works.


  1. Gorgeous flowers! I have never seen a Mexican Red Bird of Paradise before. It's stunning!

    Hope BJ has a wonderful river trip.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if you could grow them in your area as long as you have a full sun location with enough room for it to grow. Around here they commonly get to 5 or 6 feet tall (and wide). They lose the flowers in the window but survive some freezing.

  2. Same thing happened to our OLYMPUS HD 12.5,when we attended the Bluebonnet rally in April. I purchased the camera in December 2012. My husband took a picture and put it in the pocket of his sweatshirt and that was it. we can point and shoot but have no idea if we have it framed as all we can see is one corner of what we are taking a picture of , Pictures LOOK GREAT when we download them.

    1. It's surprising how many people have had issues with the LCD on their cameras and it doesn't seem to be specific to brands. It sure makes it tough/impossible to use the long zoom that was the whole reason for this camera! :-(