Sunday, August 19, 2012

So Much For That Idea

Back in mid-July as we came south through Reno, we stopped in and cruised through the Sierra Trading Post Outlet. Didn't see much we needed, but I did mention a teaser about getting something for our Green River trip in late September. So much for that idea. It's a really neat (I was going to say cool, but that doesn't apply in this case) lightweight miniature grill designed for use on a back-packing stove.

The Green River trips have included a history of someone bringing an unnecessary but memorable addition to the trip. The first trip, in September 2000 included a Outback Oven resulting in homemade cinnamon rolls the last morning of the trip. One year included an inflatable pink flamingo that was passed on to the river Ranger to take through Cataract Canyon. Last year included a miniature barbecue & some rib-eye steaks. This year it was going to be the folding grill and chicken kebabs but they just got cut in the menu planning process. If any of the rest of this year's gang wants to try it, you're welcome to borrow it.

We did test it with what I thought was a pretty tough test - new potatoes and chicken. Worked well. It could be fun to mess with if someone wants to try.

And you wonder why we're talking menu a month before the trip. BJ has a major trip to Glacier planned with her hiking girlfriends between now and then so she's been in trip planning mode. I'm looking forward to the Green River trip but dreaming of Alaska next summer!

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