Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Elective Surgery

For months, I've been considering ways to increase the amount of fresh water available in the trailer. In fact, I joined the migration of snowbirds to Quartzsite last winter for a few days specifically so that I could look at mods to a similar trailer including one that doubled the fresh water capacity. After making space under the street-side dinette bench for a second fresh water tank I had second thoughts. As I started researching for the planned Alaska trip next summer, I realized that a lot of remote fresh water sources were classic pitcher pumps - something that doesn't lend itself to refilling onboard fresh water supplies.

Ten days ago I started collecting the parts and pieces for my approach to increased fresh water capacity. The plan is to install a 12 volt transfer pump that will pull water from jerry cans to refill the onboard fresh water tank.  In the process, I may do some reorganizing of the original plumbing routing. The biggest step in the job will be to cut a hole in the curb-side of the trailer about where the convenience outlet is currently located and install a hatch cover to allow outside access to the area near the fresh water tank. Now all I have to do is get up my nerve to start cutting Saturday morning!


  1. John, if I could send "nerve" over the internet I would. You'll love the access hatch. Good luck, doc.

    1. Thanks for the nerve and for the chance to eyeball your hatch installation last year. I'm pleased with how it turned out.