Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rites of Fall

While the college schedule doesn't ease up as much in the summer as it did years ago, the beginning of the Fall Semester is always an important milestone. Tomorrow is the day that the faculty return for the beginning of a new year and the pulse of the campus (and the volume of e-mail) picks up. I'm finding this Fall to be very different, recognizing that it's my last semester on campus. Lots of opportunities for memories, but no personal regrets so far.

I gave notice much earlier than necessary so that the President could determine her plans for replacement. The good news is that she's accomplished that. The bad news is that I've got a semester to go with very little to do since nearly all of my duties have now been assigned to others. From a campus perspective I'm hopeful that all of these individuals will realize the importance of the campus to  our communities and neighbors. 

On a different note, we stopped by Harbor Freight to pick up a 12 volt water transfer pump that I'm going to install in the Scamp for an auxiliary water source.  The rest of the pieces for that project are on order and once the temps drop some, I'll get it installed.  I'm already starting to pencil places to wander onto a calendar for the spring.

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