Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to Deal with Stinkin' Hot

This week is turning out to be one of the hottest of the summer. Of course, that's saying something for the Phoenix area! Our daughter's Facebook posted picture says it all.

Thankfully, one of our Green River Wandering friends wanted to take her boat out and get wet. Paddling is something that we haven't done much of this year, but any excuse is a good excuse, so I joined BJ and Candice at the lake for a while this evening, getting our time in ahead of the developing thunderstorm. BJ and I took our short boats out to wash the dust off of them.

I'm been paddling canoe much more than kayak the last several years and haven't done any rolling for at least the last three years. With lake water that felt more like bath water, it was a nice chance to see what I remembered. The form was terrible, but all four rolls - a couple on each side - were successful. Being wet felt really good!

BJ decided the easier way to cool off was to just settle in for a float.

We got home in time to get the boats hung back on the rack before the storm decided to dump some rain, lowering temps to just 100F. Now that's nice!

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