Friday, June 29, 2012

6.29.2012 Moab, Utah

It's been a good day today but we're sure glad we reserved a spot in an RV Park in Moab. They're trying to be Phoenix, but falling short. It's only 101 degrees here, but having power for the air conditioner sure is nice! We covered just over 300 miles today, all country that we've seen many times before. There was a west wind (tailwind!) blowing which filled the skies in Monument Valley with smog from the coal burning power plant in Page.

The conveyor & silos handle the coal from the Black Mesa mine. The coal is transferred to an electric train to travel to Page to the power plant. This facility was one of those "featured" in Edward Abbey's "The Monkey Wrench Gang."

Canyon near Anasazi Inn west of Kayenta

Utah & some Monument Valley buttes
San Juan River trip drifting under the Mexican Hat bridge
Home for the night at Canyonlands Campground, Moab


  1. I hope you get this as my fiancĂ© and I are seriously thinking about a scamp 19 deluxe. We’d love to pick your brain about towing with a short box. Who installed your hitch bed rails and what type of hitch do you use? We want to tow with a short box Ranger.

    1. I used the original Scamp mount in the Taco. It was installed by the dealer that I bought the Scamp from -- long story. I now use a modified Reese hitch and rails in the Ram 1500. Installed those myself. See