Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sit Still!

Original Stabilizer
Now that’s a phrase I heard a lot growing up! 

I’ve always wondered why Scamp uses the stabilizers that they install on the Scamp 19.  I can see how they would work well on the much lower 13’ and 16’ Scamps, but they’re too short for the 19, especially if it has the factory installed lift option.  The very first thing I built for the trailer was a stack of crude 3” high boxes.  Each side of the trailer needed 2 of these to make the original stabilizers work.

Scissor Jack installed at an angle
I got tired of the amount of space the cribbing took up in our gear box and finally installed 24” scissor style stabilizers at the back of the trailer a few weeks ago.  They’re 6” longer than the original stabilizers, reducing the amount of cribbing material needed.  With them set at an angle to the trailer, they’re more stable as well.  With the lift on the trailer, I don’t think I’ll need to worry about hitting them in dips - we’re not four-wheeling!

I think we’re all caught up on the mods for now.


  1. My 1991 Scamp 19'er originally sat low. After new axle lift the rear stabilizers were way short. Searching I found Atwood made two lengths. What I had were the short ones. That was 2007. They were already old and rusty. So I got shiny new longer ones. I raised the trailer more since then for a taller pickup. Now I carry some 3" wood blocks. However. Since hitting the road full time I rarely use my stabilizers. I did at the Quartzsite gathering for all the visitors. I tend to stay hitched too. If my needs change, scissors could be nice. I like the diagonal mount. Good call!

  2. On the upcoming trip, I'm expecting to stay hitched for most enroute camps. We'll break the combination at our multi-day locations so the pickup is available to take the canoe to the water, take us to trail heads, etc.

  3. Ever catch your knee or shin on that protruding bit? From the photo it looks like it extends into the walking space.

    1. Nope - had them on there for four years and never an issue. They don't protrude when they're extended and I guess I've just never cut the corner that close.