Friday, June 29, 2012

6.28.2012 North of Flagstaff

Had a nice drive “up the hill” to a boondocking site north of Flagstaff today.  It was about 112 at the house when we left but only 84 when we got here.  We were due west of Sunset Crater, and closer to the highway than typical but past the “Forest Camping 14 days” sign.  We had our biggest dose of freeway driving of the trip today.  The vast majority of the rest of the trip will be two lane. 

Just shy of 14 mpg for the 190 miles today which isn’t bad considering the 5700 ft altitude gain.  We’re expecting a 50 degree night tonight.  Tomorrow will be just over 300 miles including Highway 163 through Monument Valley unless we decide to go around just for a change of pace.

No services (duh) and occasionally 1 bar of 1x on Verizon here.  I suspect an antenna and amplifier would do the trick.

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