Friday, August 30, 2019


I've got a case of Gethomitis (say it out loud) so the blog posts are getting shorter.

Once we crossed the Canadian border southbound, thoughts turned towards home. We decided weeks ago to bypass Seattle which gave us enough time to get reservations at Fort Casey State Park. Thanks to being visitors, the dry site cost $45 :-(

but the campground is right by the ferry, nicely positioning us (again, with reservations) for the ferry in the morning. We were actually able to get on an hour earlier than our reservation, headed to Port Townsend and then around the peninsula to the ocean.

BJ's all time favorite campground is South Beach where the campsites are just behind the driftwood and the waves break right on the steep beach. At 11 a.m. on a weekday, it was clear full so we continued south, ending up in Copallis Beach where it's a bit of a walk through the sand dunes to get to the very flat beach, but it was ocean.

We stopped in Olympia for three days to visit family and wander around one of the parks before heading back to Highway 101 to head south.

We stopped for a night in Tillamook which gave me a chance to stock up on some smoked brie cheese before continuing on to our friends in Newberg where I found another farm with a long list of projects. Just one day this trip, but we may to have come back. There's something about working on old houses...

With Newberg in our rear view mirror, we headed to Nampa, Idaho where we settled into a beautiful, private RV Park. Three days to visit family and lots of friends, and power for the air conditioner since the weather is trying to get us prepped for Arizona.

We did have a chance while we were there to do some essential studying - for a geocache.

From here we head to eastern Idaho and then south through eastern Utah, trying to stay high as long as possible before hitting the desert heat. Should be home in a week.


  1. Any ghosts at Fort Casey? It's reputed to be haunted! We didn't have any, but it is an interesting historical area. We enjoyed the area and ferry, despite the WA State surcharge for an out-of-state license plate ... Heck of a way to treat guests!

    1. We didn't experience any ghosts this trip or any of the many other times I've visited the fort. I grew up in the Skagit Valley and we'd come to Coupeville every year to care for my Grandparents cemetery plot.

  2. Yes indeed, there is something about working on old houses!