Wednesday, September 19, 2018

What Goes, What Stays?

Years ago when I was leading trips with more people, I put together a fairly extensive list to assist with sorting and packing, especially helpful for first timers. The last few years, I've tended to ignore it and just start pulling stuff off the shelf. For whatever reason, this year I went back to the list before I finished packing. I'm glad I did - I almost forgot the spare roll of TP.

Some may call us lazy. We're going with the 'just boil water' menu this year, reducing our kitchen kit significantly as a result. Maybe I'll lose some weight, but I've seen what's packed in the lunch container, so losing weight isn't likely!

Our plan this year is even more relaxed than normal. We plan to split the trip into five paddling days which leaves us with four layover days. The forecast is showing temps in the mid 90's so I suspect we won't be doing as much hiking as I'd hoped. I'm not sure my choice of camp reading will be conducive with relaxation!

BJ has used one of her Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro kayaks (she has two) on eleven of the trips she's done. She know exactly what fits where. I feel the same way with my normal load in my solo canoe, but this is the first time we've done a week+ trip in the tandem.

We tried several different combinations and think we're in good shape. We know we won't be as overloaded as some people we've seen on the river over the years!

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  1. Hhhmmm....veddy interesting reading choice! I hope there will be a book review forthcoming. ;-)

    I can't help but look at those seats without a back support, and wonder about BJ's aching back. Is there a seat-back option?

    Who's coming along? Is Kathy coming?