Friday, December 15, 2017


When it's reasonably convenient, I enjoy the challenge of the side game in geocaching of First to Find. As a result, I have my preferences set up to send me an email notification whenever a new geocache is published in the surrounding area.

Last week I got a notification in the evening of a new puzzle cache titled Johnny B. Goode. Just as I was looking at it, I got a message from the cache owner, "One with you in mind!" Obviously, this was one that I needed to review closely! I was able to solve the puzzle to get the actual coordinates relatively easily, and then started reviewing that location in Google Earth. While I really enjoy hiking around in the desert at night, this location was one that I didn't want to do in the dark.

BJ decided this was one she wasn't interested in, so the next morning before sunrise, I parked near the published coordinates and headed off towards the actual coordinates. I'd suspected that there would be others arriving shortly so I started picking my way when it was darker than the pictures make it seem. If I'd been smart and kind, I would have contacted the other likely suspects and we could have done it together.

Along the way, I'd stop and watch the light changing, hoping for one of those spectacular sunrise pictures.

One thing about doing it this early - the pictures don't provide much spoiler information! Others will have to figure it out the same way I did.

By this point it was getting lighter, it was obvious that it was going to be another dusty day, and I'd finally found the animal trail that I suspected would exist.

First to Find at 7:14 a.m. - and no, I'm not going to show you the cache container or where it was hidden! Found the cache in time to get back to the truck and get on with my day.

It's always interesting to me to see how much easier it is to find and follow a trail on the way back to the truck!