Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Lost Dutchman Testing

It was a first for us. We've enjoyed our Scamp for over seven years, but we'd never stayed at Lost Dutchman State Park. BJ spent many hours in the park and surrounding area as a member of the Search & Rescue group, but we'd never camped there. Too close and usually too full.

Since Jeff is leaving his new rig in Arizona for the winter, they came down for a long weekend and we managed to reserve a couple sites right across the road from one another.

We both had to suffer with this view. In our case our large back window framed the mountain while in Jeff's case the front window provided the best seats in the house.
We did work on a couple mods for his rig, but I also got a chance to go geocaching with our grandson for a while one morning until the heat got to be too much.

Always nice to be young - makes the tree climbing easier!

I even loaded up some charcoal and brought a dutch oven for one of our dinners.

Pot roast - the easiest thing to fix - was excellent. Our daughter and son-in-law came out so we managed to have everyone together in one place. The pot was empty when we got finished!

We enjoyed great weather, excellent time together, and beautiful sunsets. No wonder valley visitors rave about Lost Dutchman State Park!


  1. I'm a tent camper, and not full time, but I camp a lot in the summer here in Michigan. And a lot of that I do at a state park just 2 exits up the road from our house. It's a great park, I can camp there during the week when it's less crowded now that I'm retired, and it doesn't take me all day to get there. When I'm there, in the woods I don't even remember that home is less than 10 miles away. Sometimes great things lurk nearby!

    1. I totally understand. We live where we do in the valley expressly because its easy access to the river and the mountains.

  2. Just reserved a site for four nites in January. Come visit. 😊