Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Caching & Quilting

BJ and I have spent a lot of time in Utah, but almost all of it has been in the Moab / Canyonlands National Park area. This year, while looking for a different route to the northwest, I realized there was a big area that we hadn't investigated and it had some potentially interesting caching. That was enough to spawn the idea of spending the better part of a week in south/central Utah.

We visited a lot of earth caches where geology is included as an explicit component of the cache description and answers to 'test' questions must be filed before you can claim a find. Like any caches, they tend to take you to places you might not visit otherwise. Landslide mechanisms anyone?

We also visited a lot of virtual caches. This type of cache typically brings you to a historic marker and you then must report some esoteric detail that wouldn't be easily found on the internet to prove that you actually visited the location.

It was fun learning weird historical facts and visiting some interesting places while looking for virtual caches.

Not all of the caches were as advertised. These were all supposed to be 'regular' sized.

I'd hoped to finally reach Potters Pond, a cache that was placed in August, 2000 but we were skunked again! Last year I couldn't get there because of a forest fire. This time there was still snow and the Forest Service hadn't opened the road yet. We got within 11 miles, but I'm not hiking twice that far for a cache!

A certain someone posted this to her Facebook page, "So while John Schroeder thinks our road trip is about geocaching.... I'm laying out a trail to quilt shops. Saw this cute Barn quilt in a shop in Springville, UT."

This is just a little defense of the driver... Please note the name of the business. Turk and I waited while the necessary shopping was done

including patterns and a variety of materials,

before we headed off to visit another virtual cache at another monument. It's an interesting way to find what a community thinks is important.

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