Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Quick Visit to Miami

BJ and I headed to the hills twice last week, visiting Top of the World, Miami, Claypool, and Globe. The first time was because I discovered there were a couple geocaches that had been placed about six weeks ago and still didn't have a first to find.

We did find a number of caches, but decided that we really didn't need to break a leg trying to navigate a quarter mile of boulder hopping. Not sure about wiser, but definitely older.

The old highway route was MUCH better than I remembered it. We'd traveled a bit of it about 15 years ago that I recall being very marginal. This time it was in wonderful shape.

With a bit more elevation, the plants were different and some flowers were still blooming but I didn't get pictures of them.

We went back to Globe a couple days later, specifically to crawl around under a building.

There were some cobwebs

but all in all it was much cleaner than I expected AND much drier. I'd imagined muddy floors, but that wasn't what we found.

There were three of us looking for the cache (which we found), while one of the crew decided that someone had to provide logistical support, getting additional tools from the truck, etc.

After finishing with that cache, we visited a few others around town before meeting with local cachers at one of the local Mexican restaurants for dinner. Lots of fun!

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