Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ghost Town?

Some ghost towns have old buildings that look like people just walked away. Other ghost towns don't leave as many obvious signs. The original site of Congress is now nearly gone. I spotted these footings.

Never realized what good targets old re-bar apparently makes.

On the north edge of this BLM area is an old mine that is still being worked.

Perhaps the most interesting thing that remains is the Pioneer Cemetery which dates back to the late 1800s. This cemetery is located about 1000 feet north-northeast from the much larger, newer, and still used Congress cemetery.

Many of the graves here are now just marked with a ring of stones, with the original wooden markers long gone,

but even those may mean something to someone.

Others have more permanent markers that tell poignant stories.

For me the tale was best told by the formerly fancy wooden fence around a now unmarked grave. Someone was valued but their resting place is now forgotten.

The walk wore out Turk

so he didn't pay any attention to the beautiful sunset last night or the clear dark sky full of stars


  1. Because of our spotty & slower internet down the road here I had trouble getting your blog onto our side bar the last couple days but by golly I think everyone is eating supper right now, internet is much faster & I just managed to get you on our sidebar. Sounds like you have had a good stay & what a great break from the city I bet. We may head off to Wickenburg in the morning but if not I'll leave the gates open in case you take a hankerin to stop in on your way by. I'll probably be outside working in the yard somewhere. If we don't get to see you I just want to say thanks for dropping by & you guys are welcome here anytime...........:))

    1. The internet was so spotty that I couldn't get on last night for more than a minute or so without it dropping. If the gate is open, we'll stop by, otherwise we'll keep in touch. Thanks much for the hospitality - we'll return the favor if you ever come to the east side of the valley. Good luck with the solar system - looking forward to hearing the details.

  2. Be sure and tell Al about your sisters blog.."New Life Old Farm" , that is how I found your Blog..She has plenty of fun stories.

    1. I'd love to claim Ellen as a sister, but she's actually a shirt-tail relative once removed. :-)

  3. Rats! This is my third try at a comment, but I'm determined that it will go through!

    I laughed out loud at the rebar target.

    And old cemeteries alway intrigue me. I like to imagine the times the people lived in and what their lives might have been like.

    Thanks for the picture of little Turk. I think a lot of us fell in love with him as we watched his (and your) heroic efforts toward his recovery. He looks like a contented little camper now. :)

    1. This has been a great spot except for flakey connectivity. Turk did seem to enjoy the time here at Ghost Town Road, even the wonderful coyote serenade last night when they closely circled the trailer. :-)