Saturday, November 9, 2013

From Boondock to Urban

Turk and I stopped by to see Al, Kelly, and Pheebe of The Bayfield Bunch on our way out of Congress and ended up chatting for quite a while about ways to resolve the often marginal cell data service in the area. They did a great job of fixing up the place last winter and are looking forward to some boondocking this winter.

I was hoping to find a parking spot in Phoenix near the State Capital for Food Truck Friday. Our daughter had heard about a truck doing satay and gado-gado. Gado-gado is an Indonesian salad that I fell in love with during our years in Indonesia and I'm always on the hunt for some.

I found a parking spot (in the shade, no less) about three blocks away and joined the line at the Satay Hut truck. Too bad they tend to be found in downtown Phoenix or Scottsdale, but it worked to swing by on my drive home from a few wonderful days in the desert.

The food looked good and tasted great! The gado-gado dressing was wonderful although using lettuce in the gado-gado was an unexpected shortcut.

With lunch out of the way, the trailer was serviced and is now tucked back in it's stall, waiting for the next chance to find a quiet spot in the desert.


  1. You are lucky to be able to ask Al and Kelly advice on boondocking related questions. I'm glad to hear they will be out and about this winter.

    That's the first time I'd heard of gado-gado. Looks great!

    1. We really did enjoy comparing notes, especially on back roads in the area. I'm hoping they get a chance to do one of my favorites.