Monday, July 25, 2022

Let's Try This Again

As I was dragging the sick Silver Subie home from my last trip, I wondered what would come of my planned trip to British Columbia. This is a trip that was originally planned to happen two years ago, but we all know what happened!

I've loved the capabilities of the old Subaru, but after considerable discussion together, we've decided that it's not worth investing yet more time, effort, and money. Instead, I removed the top box and the easily transferable mods, and sent the Subie off. When I get back from the next trip, we'll likely do some shopping. Maybe something even more boxy and much younger!

For the upcoming trip, I'll use BJ's Subaru Outback. It has less headroom, but more length. I should know better than to share the plans, but her Outback is 13 years younger and has 185,000 fewer miles than the Silver Subie.

The plan is to take head toward Bend, OR, spend a couple days there, then to the Skagit Valley for a High School reunion for geezers.

We cached in all of the eastern "regional governmental units" of British Columbia when we did our last Alaska trip in 2019. If I'd been smart, we would have turned right when we got to the south end of the Cassiar Highway to visit Prince Rupert, but instead we headed east. I'm leaving Prince Rupert out of my plans this summer - it's now 1,000 miles out of the way!

Thanks to a two week gap between the reunion I'm attending and the very large geocaching event in Abbotsford, I'll have time to visit all of the remaining "counties" in the southwest part of BC. I'll start with Vancouver Island, then cross to the Sunshine Coast before continuing to Williams Lake and out to Bella Coola before returning to the Abbotsford area. 

If all goes as planned, after attending another major geocaching event in Seattle, I'll head home via Spokane and western Montana which will position me to pick up those orphaned counties in Idaho & Wyoming. 

Here's hoping! 37 days and a bit over 7,000 miles. Should be fun!

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