Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sometime Life Gets in the Way

I had every intention of making progress this weekend on a window awning project for the Scamp. I was going to shamelessly steal design concepts from a gal (Borderbrae) on the Casita forum, and had all the necessary "stuff" collected. Then BJ posted this picture on her Facebook account on Friday and I knew my weekend was going to go a different direction. The seep in the drip system turned into a leak, and the leak turned into a good reason to replace the main feed with PVC instead of the 10 year old flex line the builder had installed. It sure was nice that she got a good headstart on the trenching.

It's also nice to live in Phoenix where we don't have to worry about weatherizing - at least not in the same way some of our friends and family do! No need to bury the drip system below the frost line around here.

New control valve to replace the cracked one, new pressure reducer, and new line. Should be good for another 10 years.

All done and you can't even tell there was excavating going on. As long as the glue and pipe cutter were out, I did get supports for the two side dinette windows made, but the awning project is going on hold for a bit while my seamstress partner gets the bits and pieces ready for her annual "Gals making Christmas cards" week. We'll pick up on the awning after the Christmas cards are done.

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