Sunday, April 19, 2020

Time for a Kitchen

Our shirt-tail relatives at Glory Farm are building a kitchen this year. In an effort to keep up, I decided to take my woodbutcher skills to the garage and build a kitchen also. Of course, my kitchen is going to be a bit smaller...

Sometimes, I like to do fine finish woodworking. In this case, toughness trumps looks. No fancy joinery, just pin nails to hold it while the Gorilla Glue dries on the fancy two level structure.

The top section will have a flip top and a divider to separate the heavy stuff from the easily crushed, perhaps more important stuff like cookies and chips.

The only reason I used walnut for the doublers was because I had a left over piece in the scrap pile. Since I rarely draw any plans for my projects, it was less exciting to build the drawer after I had the cabinet constructed.

The drawer is divided like the upper section and is notched for a flat removable cover over one half of the drawer.

I'm kind of wishing I'd used oil based varnish for that golden glow instead of the water based (and water clear) version that leaves the cabinet looking pale.

Looks like these two pictures are out of order. Had to make sure the drawer fit before putting in the divider!

The drawer rides on full extension, heavy duty slides. The flip up top opens and jams nicely against the upper door frame when it's almost vertical. Sometimes you get lucky!

The shelf on the left rides on the shock tower at the forward end and an angled brace at the back. It will fit a 20 liter jerry can if I can find one with the vent in a better location. The unit is just long enough that the drawer pull clears the back door by 1/4 inch. No chance of the drawer opening by mistake!

With my kitchen done, here's hoping I get to use it this summer!


  1. WOW - looks great, while protecting the chips and cookies! And you didn't draw it out first?
    My low-tech pantry is a couple of ole milk crates.

    1. I used a couple milk crates on the first couple test trips but knew I needed better organization than that for what was an anticipated 38 day solo trip this August. Heard today that the BC Health czar (forgot the official title) has cancelled several large events for this summer so I expect to hear shortly that my primary excuse for that trip has been postponed.

  2. As I've said numerous times you're a man of unlimited talents. Great job, as usual.

  3. Wow, that looks amazing!!! Well done

  4. I like it, a tad jealous how quickly you get stuff done!