Tuesday, March 28, 2017

BJ Thanks Him

I figured out that one of the features of the new truck was lacking. We always haul a couple jerry cans of additional water when we're boondocking for any length of time, but the tie-down rings in the truck bed are too low to retain the jerry cans on rough roads.

There are some interesting holes punched in the upper bed corners that I thought might be used for optional tie-down accessories, but a search with the parts expert at the dealer showed nothing existed for upper tie-downs.
I did some internet research and ended up ordering an Anchor Point Tie Down kit from US Cargo Control. The package arrived quickly, but then languished leaning up against a cabinet in the garage - right in the way. With a friend coming to use the garage for a few hours I decided it was time to get that package out of the way and get the parts installed.

I picked up some stainless flat-head machine screws and nyloc nuts from the local Ace Hardware. Actually, I ended up visiting all three local Ace Hardware stores to collect enough to do the job.

I drilled pilot holes and then the 1/4 inch holes for the machine screws. In a couple places, the holes lined up with the plastic nubs that helped retain the plastic bed rail protectors. I discovered the plastic was soft enough that I could grab the nubs with a pair of plies and twist them off, leaving me the clearance I needed for the hardware.

The tie-downs fit at any point along the track. Since they are easily installed and removed, I've elected to keep them in the glovebox when they're not in use so that someone else doesn't elect to remove them.

I got the project done about an hour before KB showed up to tackle a front brake job on his truck. He needed a couple special tools and a place to work, and I needed a bit of a push to get that package out of the way. BJ thanks him!!

Bob was the first Scamper I met after we got our Scamp, and has always been a fount of knowledge and well considered ideas. It was sure nice to help him out for once.

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