Friday, September 23, 2016

So Much For Plans

After providing faithful service for 15 years, my Tacoma is being replaced by something new and shiny. It dawned on me that I could get my shop space back by pushing the Scamp through the garage and parking it behind the 3rd bay for a few months while I deal with prepping the Taco for sale, installing a hitch in the new truck when it comes, and finishing some cabinet projects that have been on hold for six years or more.

I was able to pick up a Reese 15K fifth wheel hitch that will form the basis of the hitch for the new truck.

With that out of the way, it was time to remove the Scamp built hitch and the modified bed liner from the Taco.

I was rather surprised that the bed didn't have more scratches from dust and stuff under the drop-in liner. Didn't take long to get it cleaned up and masked off

so that I could apply a couple coats of Herculiner. Looks much better than it did.

With the Taco hitch out, and the original canopy back on the truck, I had a bit of time to build some birdcage caches, or so I thought.

But while I was working in the garage, the HOA 'police' came around and spotted a "prohibited vehicle parked on your property." They took a picture so they could write a letter, but obviously didn't have time to stop and chat with me. Instead, our official notice gives me ten days to correct my prohibited behavior...
I got the birdcages finished up and hung out for the benefit of local geocachers. This one is called Rent Control.

At least the HOA nasty-gram arrived quickly enough that we had time to put the trailer back in the garage before we head out for our 13th Green River trip. Looks like it's nearly time to do a new tee-shirt.

Two of the three boats are loaded and I'll pick up Kathy's boat tonight. We'll hit the road at o'dark thirty in the morning.

Meanwhile, if FCA's plans are on track, the new truck is supposed to be built today.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

While the Cat's Away

While I was volunteering as a consultant for my sister, BJ was busy working on some projects of her own. She visited a number of quilting shops on our Northwest trip. Along the way, she landed on the concept for a project she wanted to do.

She started out leveraging some fabric she'd found to make some large hot pads.

And then she leveraged a pattern to do some applique. This one was done to match the colors of our friend's Tab trailer.

She's paid more attention to our to-do list from our Northwest trip than I have. This was her solution to keep the sensor for the refrigerator thermometer in one place. We discovered our temperature readouts would change most every time we moved the trailer since the sensor was free to move around. When it dropped into the shelves on the door, the temp reported would be higher than when it was on the shelf. This way, we'll eliminate one of the variables.

The big project was new curtains. When we first got the trailer, she replaced the thin factory curtains with a heavier fabric, but she's always wished for curtains that would do a better job of blocking all the light.

She bought a set of black out curtains at a local store, and cut them up in sizes needed for our windows.

This fabric has a bit of texture to it, but is totally opaque. At least she hasn't made covers for the fan yet so I can still tell when the sun comes up.

I'm headed up to the rim with the trailer for a week or so which will give a nice chance to test the curtains.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure when the next blog post will happen. I'm a bit blogged out at this point.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

International Geocaching Day

Between the file conversion project I've been working on, some caches I've been building, and the hot weather, we haven't been out to do much geocaching the past couple weeks. Since today is International Geocaching Day, it seemed only appropriate that we get out and do a bit of geocaching.

While we were in the Northwest, a local geocacher put out a series of caches honoring her grandchildren. I'd done a few of them as quick finds, but still had 8 of them on the County Line Trail that I hadn't logged yet. They became our target for the day.

The weather guessers suggested that it might be a bit cooler today, but we still decided to get an early start. When we left the house at 6:15 it was very cloudy with the sun trying to break through.

Some might have said it looked like rain, but we bet on improving weather. 'Sides that, a hike in the rain could be nice at these temps.

By the time we had logged three or four, the clouds were breaking up,

and the bikes were hitting the trail. We'd started at the north end of the majority of the series (there's one more outlier in the National Forest further north), paid our daily access fee and started down the trail. Most of the bike traffic was going downhill as well.

It turned out to be a beautiful morning. Comfortably warm, but not hot. Made for a great time to wander a trail that neither of us had been on before.

The caches all varied in size and shape, but most contained a few trinkets. They were nicely camo'd and some were quite challenging to find, even when you were looking at them.

Nice job, Nana18. It was a very nice series and it sounds like you have a great bunch of grandkids.