Monday, June 3, 2013

Transportation From A to Z

I tripped into this one because of a special event sign along the Parks Highway. While they were having a special event and there was a lot of volunteer staff on site, the parking lot for paying customers was nearly empty when I arrived and when I left a couple hours later.

The Transportation & Industry Museum of Alaska is located on the road to the Wasilla airport.

They have one building with indoor displays and a red barn they are in the process of restoring.

Inside the building they have some restored items including a couple interesting early snowmobiles and an early Chevy truck.

High on a wall hangs the frame of a biadarka,

while below was a bathtub and a spittoon. Pretty sure they're not transportation related - must be industry??

Exposed to the elements, there is a wide gamut of transportation - from trains

to boats and tractors,

a General's car,

aircraft on loan from the Smithsonian,

and a rare early Sikorsky helicopter, all slowly disintegrating.

Lots of rust

left for the trees to reclaim.

They have some very unique items but it felt more like an old scrapyard than a museum where displays are respected and valued.

Entrance fee was $8.


  1. Sad to see those historic aircraft rotting away. At least they got the bathtub inside to protect it!

    1. I sure understand the challenge, but having row upon road of machines of all types rusting into the ground was painful to see!