Monday, April 8, 2013


We've recently updated several posts with additional information resulting from field experience or other feedback.

On February 21st I did a post about the installation of wire baskets for handy storage of small goods. We had hoped that the design of the hangar would be adequate to keep the baskets in place during transit but the baskets did bounce off the rod. Addition of a small ty-wrap at each end of the hangar resolves the issue.

In November, 2012 we completed the window awning project. Originally, we used 3M Command Hooks to retain the lower end of the retention straps but discovered that the Command Hook would fail in a brisk breeze. Our solution was the installation of metal hooks fabricated from 100 lb. picture hangars. They are seated with 3M5200 sealant and retained by a single rivet.

In late February I did a post about packing wheel bearings. Subsequently, there has been discussion about the advantage of high quality American made bearings. It takes a bit of searching, but larger, easy to pack, cool running bearings are available but will require modification to fit to current production wheels.

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