Friday, April 26, 2013


We're settled in at Champoeg State Park for a few days to meet face to face with people that we've known on-line for a couple years at the Spring Northern Oregon Gathering (NOG) of fiberglass trailer aficionados. Casitas and Scamps as could be expected

but lots of others as well:  A Surfside;

a Biggar;

a Perris Pacer;

a couple Trilliums;

along with Bolers in various sizes, Escapes of various models, and multiple BigFoot (BigFeet?).

Good conversation and a nice chance to put faces and names together.

Even Turk is enjoying it.


  1. I like to view all the old classic fiberglass trailers. Enjoy...

    1. Lots more variety of brands than there was at Q but only about 35 trailers or so. Lots of great people.

  2. EGGNOG! I love it!

    Unfamiliar with some of those trailers and I thought I had seen them all. Have a great time!

    1. We've had a couple Compacts come in and a brand new (one week) Parkliner come in since I took those pictures - extending the list of manufacturers represented. Having a great time!