Monday, October 7, 2019

Reflections of Green & Red

We were fortunate this year to be the only party on the shuttle for our nearly annual river trip. We were on the water at Ruby Ranch nearly an hour earlier that normal and that paid dividends. No wind until we got to camp.

As usual, click on any picture for a larger version. The two panoramic shots at the end are quite wide. Suzanne asked for reflections, so...

First camp was at the mouth of Trin Alcove. Wind (and sand) blew all afternoon but settled down as the sun disappeared behind us.

The next morning was mirror smooth as we started loading out. This picture is looking upstream from the mouth of Trin Alcove.

Somewhere around River Mile (RM) 88.

Just downstream of Hey Joe mine.

Our second camp was on a high sandbar on the downstream end of the island about RM 72.8. Morning sun starts lighting the cliffs in the corner.

We didn't stop at Bowknot Bend this year since we knew there were several larger groups that would likely be stopping there. In fact, we didn't even get any pictures of it from the river, at least on the upstream side.

This is BJ's view as we face the last mile before our Thursday (and Friday) night camp at RM61.5.

And this was my view. We're headed for the bright white spot to the right of BJ's hat. This high water camp provides shade and wind protection as well as hiking opportunities into Two Mile Canyon.

Sunrise on Friday morning looking back upstream. The low spot in the cliffs is the narrow (and lower) neck of Bowknot Bend.

Approaching RM59

Somewhere upstream of Hell Roaring Canyon.

Evening from the mouth of Trin Alcove

Morning glow from sandbar camp about RM 72.8