Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

With the beautiful weather and rapidly decreasing days until we leave for Alaska, I joined some of the family for what was likely the last hike of the spring. The Siphon Draw trail was our route, joining what seemed like hundreds of others that had similar plans.

Since the desert is blooming, I thought I'd share some flower photos. Just don't ask me to identify all of them.

It seemed like the yellow flowers tended to overwhelm the others that were often hiding nearby.

We enjoyed the hike with our daughter and her fiance and the views back down the valley.

BJ got to do the hike twice. Once with us and then again in the dark when the SAR team was called out to assist stranded hikers. She got home at 2:30 am!

If you go, enjoy the hike but be careful and don't exceed your capabilities and preparation.


  1. Loved the flowers from our most favorite place...Tonto National Forest! This southerner is not an expert but believe some of the yellow ones are brittlebush and desert poppy.

    Hiking the Siphon Draw is now on our to-do list for next year. Thanks!

    1. The yellow on the hillside is all brittlebush. Anyone with allergies was suffering! Give us a shout when you're here next year.