Saturday, February 9, 2019


The Fiberglass Trailer Rendezvous is the event that originally got me started going to Quartzsite. It's grown tremendously over the years and now draws trailers from all around the US and Canada. It's schedule conflicts with another event, so we went for the 'pre' gathering.
When we first started attending, Casitas made up the majority of the trailers in attendance, and they still have a significant portion, but...

Escape trailers made in Chilliwack, BC are becoming a bigger and bigger percentage of attendees. This photo has at least one of each of the sizes that they currently have in production.

This Bonaire Oxygen is very rare. This example came from Ontario, Canada.

In addition to visiting with friends, and making new friends, we did find some time to get out and wander. This saguaro reminded me of a puppy trying to balance a ball on its nose.

I found some rust I'd never seen. I'm assuming this was a foundation for some sort of mining equipment, but I couldn't find any information about it.

Brittle bush was blooming, so in spite of the unusually cold weather, sneezes won't be far behind.

Six days went by way too fast. When I left there was well over 100 trailers in attendance and the event didn't officially start until the next day.


  1. Sure am glad you made the conflict event a priority! I always enjoying seeing you and visiting with you. ~CRE