Saturday, June 1, 2019

It's A Castle, or Perhaps A Pirate Ship

On our way from Ellensburg to Spokane, we went out of our way to visit Leavenworth, all because of a webcam cache. We were early enough that we got away with hogging the stalls long enough to collect our photo from the webcam and be on our way.

Like Glory Farm, we've been here before. We're back in our favorite moochdocking spot on South Hill in Spokane. As always, I asked if there were any projects. This time the project was for the grandnephew and grandniece. As usual, I didn't start taking pictures until the project was well underway.

With two and sometime three of us working, and with the posts already set, the project moved quickly,

until it didn't! I suppose it would help if I'd measure the correct end of the side wall.

Turns out I maybe should have measured yet again, but it's a fort, or a castle, or a pirate ship. Nothing an extra top plate won't fix, and who's looking.

This inspector never mentioned it.

The wall facing the tree was left open. With the header in place, we fitted the rafters,

and started installing the cedar wall boards. The boards might think they're a fence, but they're really a castle, or a ship, or ...

Bits and pieces left to do including roofing, but I've had my fun so it's time to wash up, hook up, and head north.