Sunday, May 13, 2018

Might Get Wet

With a couple weeks to get things in shape before we travel, I decided to drop the sea kayak in Saguaro Lake and go pick up a series of my caches that have been in place for over 2 1/2 years. During that time, some of them have only been visited once. I could leave them in place but it's getting to be more hassle going out to do an annual maintenance check on them, so I pulled them out with the thought the containers might be put to use elsewhere.

The timing was right - lots of the cactus were blooming!

I brought the kayak home after that trip, wiped it down and hung it up, wondering when it might be used again.

Just a couple days later, the phone made its obnoxious notification that a new cache had published. This time, it was a cache that was placed a couple miles up from the launch point at Canyon lake. There were some other caches out there that I wanted to check on, so it seemed only logical to load the kayak on the car and make another trip to a lake.

Getting on the water just as the sun lights up the hills is always special. Amazingly, there wasn't another boat of any type on the lake. I had the place to myself which is extra special.

As I paddled up lake, I wondered if I would see any Desert Bighorn Sheep like we did last time I paddled this part of the lake. Turns out, the answer to that question was yes! This time a group of six including one ram.

Three of the younger ones were down at the edge of the lake getting a drink. - Well, at least two of them were...

It didn't take long for the third young one to decide I didn't pose a threat and came down to join the others.

The vultures were out keeping an eye on things as well.

By the time I got back to the beach, I'd logged a First to Find on the recently published cache, DNF'd one that hadn't been found for over four years, took a pass on one that was going to be too challenging to access without gouging up the kayak, and answered all the questions for a relatively new earth cache. In addition, I picked up a whole bunch of flotsam - seemed appropriate for a cache that was named Beer Can Point!

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