Wednesday, August 30, 2017


When we moved into our home in 2001 one of my first project was to install a swamp cooler in the garage. I was able to locate one that had the duct oriented vertically so that it fit between the wall studs. Wasn't cheap, but was an easier installation.

The pan has been rebuilt a couple times but last year was the end of life for it. This summer, since we returned to the valley earlier than usual, I decided it was time to replace the old swamp cooler with a thru-the-wall air conditioner. The swamp cooler was 110 volt and was on the same circuit with the rest of the garage.

When I went shopping for an air conditioner, I expressly wanted a 220 volt unit so that I could move the load to the circuit that was only carrying the table saw.

I thought about a 18,000 BTU unit but that wasn't going to allow me to run the AC and the table saw at the same time.

After getting the parts in stock, I got up my nerve and ripped out the old swamp cooler. Pretty sure the bottom was rotted out!

I couldn't put it off any longer. Time to start cutting out some drywall,
and frame up the new structure for the air conditioner sleeve.

I should have finished up the drywall patching before I installed the air conditioner, but I had to see if it would fit and if it would work. The answer to both questions was yes!

It struggles to cool the whole garage in 110+ degree heat but it does a great job keeping the area around the workbench very comfortable! I'm just chillin'

And yes, I did get the drywall finished - and some geocaches started.

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