Saturday, July 8, 2017

Port Townsend

It seems like every time we come to Port Townsend we have to spend some time at Fort Worden. This time, the excuse was that I needed to buy a Washington State Discover Pass before we get to the Tri-Cities in a couple weeks. Since we were at the Fort, we 'had' to visit the lighthouse,

and get pictures of her more photogenic side. (Which was closer to the cache...)

Meanwhile, BJ was doing her "I'm a desert gal" impression, trying to forget that she was born and raised a Washingtonian. I must admit, if I were smarter, I would have had a jacket on as well.

In spite of growing up about 35 miles from here (as the sea gull flies) and visiting the Fort numerous times, I'd never visited the gun emplacements at Fort Worden. They looked a lot like the emplacements at Fort Casey, but the view of the parade grounds was better.

We wandered downtown one morning before many of the shops were open, just admiring the architecture.

I suspect if you go back to last year's visit you might see a similar picture. I love faded old advertising. (I just checked. It didn't make the cut last year.)

More architectural details.

It almost seemed fitting that they were hosting a Steampunk convention in town with a lot of Victorian meets Sci-Fi clothing choices. You never know what you'll see in this town.


  1. I use to enjoy my ferry trip from Coupeville to Port Townsend on a Saturday, just to roam the town and the area. It's a great area to live in but after seeing your wife in that jacket in the month of July I do not miss that kind of cool weather. LOL

  2. I love any excuse to ride any one of the Washington State ferry routes, but my favorite was the trip back to Whidbey from Port Townsend when we were taking waves down the car deck. We were parked front and center in the truck and had a wonderful view!

    1. LOL ... You just reminded me of some of those trips back to Whidbey after dark and during stormy weather. I was never fortunate enough to park the car that close to the front on the times we took the car.

      I have to admit my all time favorite is the trip from Anacortes to Fridays Harbor up through the San Juan Islands, about 1-1/2 hour trip.

  3. As beautiful as it is here in Newfoundland, PT still tugs at my heart strings...