Sunday, November 29, 2015

I've Been Warped

I was out looking for Christmas gifts the week BEFORE Thanksgiving. Clearly, I've been warped. Usually it's Christmas Eve. As I wandered through one store, I realized I've been doubly warped. Instead of looking for Christmas gifts, I was looking at stuff that would make interesting geocache containers.

Hard to say who might end up with Lump O'Coal

or Raindeer Noses in their stocking, with the assumption I can steal the container when they're not looking.

Peppermint cookies sounded like an interesting idea, but I left all those on the shelf.

The only thing I bought in that store was a rubber duckie. I picked up an enameled bowl at Goodwill to complete the ensemble. I think I'll call this one Splish, Splash. Not telling where it might end up.

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