Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Another Ramp

When I started volunteering with Rebuilding Together, they told me that they didn't do ramp projects during the summer. That was fine with me - I really don't enjoy working in 105+ temperatures, but the reality is that the need continues, so I committed to an August Saturday project.

We had a huge crew of volunteers from Bank of America.

With that many people, we split them into three teams. One group started framing up modules to be used on the next ramp build.

One group put in a paver walkway.

The client had a ramp, but it was inadequate for the weight of her motorized chair, so my crew started by demo'ing the existing ramp and then constructing a new one.

Some of the crew had worked Habitat projects, and all of them had good tool skills, so things moved quickly.

By 11:30, the home owner and the volunteers were celebrating. Two projects done for this client, and prep completed for the next client.

Thankfully, I think the weather is going to start to break. By the time we get back from the Green River, temperatures should be much better.