Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hang Ups

Yes, I have some hang ups but that's not what this is about.  Nor is it about crank calls.

BJ and I were on a hunt for some material, or better yet, an existing adaptable "hammock" she was dreaming about to store a sleeping bag in when not in use in the trailer. In the process we ended up at Ikea since they have all sorts of creative ideas about leveraging space.

We didn't find what we were looking for, but we did find the very affordable BYGEL series of hanging baskets, mounting rods, hooks, etc. These look like they could be mounted above the table and capture some of the (my) clutter - chargers, phone, camera, other essential "stuff" that current steals counter space.

The rods are available in two lengths. The meter long rod nearly spans the width of the back window and mounts easily to the bottom of the back cabinets with machine screws, fender washers, and nyloc nuts.

We have two baskets hanging on the rod, with the white plastic S hooks used to keep (hopefully) the baskets from sliding back and forth. (Too bad Scamp didn't center the light fixture.)

Speaking of light fixtures - that's the next mod.
Update April 2, 2013:  We had hoped that the design of the hangar would be adequate to keep the baskets in place during transit but the baskets did bounce off. Addition of a small ty-wraps at each end of the hangar resolves the issue.

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