Sunday, June 10, 2012

Not Sure What to Call It!

Everything about a Scamp, even the "big" 19 foot version, is compact.  The bathroom is a "wet" bath combining shower, sink, and toilet in one small space.  The shower functionality requires a small "tub" formed in the fiberglas floor.  The "tub" creates gymnastic challenges to use the toilet.  Some people have fabricated a wood grate to create a flat floor, giving up headroom for the flat floor.

Since we very rarely use the shower, and since our young grandson is going to join us for a few days in Montana and Idaho, BJ asked me to made something to create a flat floor. Of course, it's not just that simple.  By creating a flat floor, I now have to crouch down to use the mirror to shave.

Given the drain functionality of the "tub", none of the sides are of equal height, and the walls of the "tub" are tapered slightly as well.  Since the body of the trailer is egg shaped, the "tub" isn't square, either.  Close, but not exact.  In order to use some of the space for storage and still be able to stand in the "tub" to see the mirror on the door, I decided to built two bottomless "box" structures.  The floor of the tub is protected by a piece of yoga mat, and then two box structures were built.  They're not tapered, but are radiused on the bottom edges to match the radius in the bottom of the tub.  They're topped by 1/2" baltic birch lids that are keyed to the boxes with cleats on the bottom side of the lids.  Two coats of spar varnish finished them up and then we'll hide it all under a rug.

I'm not sure if this mod is going to be a keeper or not.  By the end of our northwest trek, the answer should be clear.  Meanwhile, I still don't know what to call it!


  1. Just stumbled up on your blog, and looking forward to reading about your travels. We might even cross paths somewhere up near Glacier in a few weeks.
    Great job on the floor mod.
    Happy trails.........jc

    1. Jerry - We'll be at Fish Creek starting July 9th. Love to meet you if our paths cross.